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How to use whois for finding domain information

How to use whois for finding domain information

How to use whois for knowing the information of domain name and the related information about whois domain, whois lookup, whois search.

who.is known as whois is used to find out data of a domain name. whois lookup data about domain and show below whois search box.

Whois can be said as an internet protocol and it is used to inquiry data from databases for the purpose of collecting various information about domain name or ip address. Basically whois database is the collection of various information such as who is the registrar of the domain name, registration date of the domain, update date of the domain name, the expiration date, the details information of the registered person. Most of the times the address of the  actual owner of the domain name can not be found in the database because the actual owner buy the domain name from an agent and the agent provide their address details not the owner address details. In this case the registrar use another name for domain name registration. But whois collects only the registered data which is given by registrar and agent. For this reason the detailed information about the original owner of a domain con not be found in the database sometime. If anybody need to know the information of a domain he or she can use whois.

For entering database through whois type who.is in address bar of your browser. After opening the whois page type the domain in whois search box. Whois search engine will collect available information about the domain such as registrar information like the name of registrar, whois server, referral url, status. You will get these information below the whois search box of who.is. Moreover you will get the information of registered date, update date and expires date in important date section. Then you will get the information of name server. Name server is the information about hosting. Her ip address of the hosting providers of the domain is given. All of these information are found in whois tab of who.is site. In the website info tab you will get contact information (if it is available or given by the registrar) and other information. In the history tab you will get the historical information of the domain. These information include old registrar information such as name of the old registrar, whois domain server, referral url, status. Beside this information you will get present registrar information here such as name of the present registrar or address of the present registrar, whois domain server, referral address and status. You will get previous update date, expires date and registered date. Then you will get some raw data. Moreover you will get some extra data in DNS records tab and Diagnostics tab. But those are not so much important.

You can check the availability of a website name by whois search box of who.is. for searching availability of a url go to who.is through web browser and type the name of a web address in whois search box of domain whois site. Whois lookup and show the information below the whois domain search box. The domain which has already show been sold will be grey colored and written unavailable. The available domain name will be shown by green colored box and written available. Suppose you have searched by typing domain1line.com in whois domain search box. Whois lookup the website address and show whois lookup result below whois domain search box. If domain1line.com has already been sold it is shown in grey colored box written unavailable and if others url is not sold those will be shown by green colored box with written available. Such as domain1line.net, domain1line.org etc will be shown as available. In this way whois lookup url. You can use it to find out available domain whois. You can buy the available url at normal price.

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