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What is url and How to select URL or uri

What is url and How to select URL or uri

url is related to domain name. Know about url, uri, domain name, short url, definition url.

url menas uniform resource locator which is related to domain name or uri. know about the importance of short url, what is url or domain?

url means uniform resource locator. So, what is url? Or what is the url definition? url is called web address or domain name. It is basically address of various online documents which is created for world wide web or www. Now we know what is url or url definition. It is url definition which is used in book. But only url definition or to memorize what is url or url definition is not everything. You need to understand more related things with uniform resource locator which will be helpful for practical use. We can divide url as two parts. First part may be called an identifier which identifies protocol that means this identifies what protocol to use. The second part of url is resource name which identifies the ip address or the domain name which is actually the part of uniform resource locator. The example of this may be http://www.domain1line.com/index.html which is called HTTP protocol and another example may be ftp://www.domain1line.com/stuff.exe which is known as FTP  protocol. url is on type of uniform resource indentifier or uri. The uniform resource locator was created by Tim Berners Lee in 1994 and the internet engineering task force. Uniform resource identifier is normally used for web pages and protocol is http but it is also used for transferring files which is called ftp protocol.

At first Tim Berners Lee and the URI team developed uniform resource locator in 1994. After that Berner Lee separates the domain name by using dot sign. The port of the domain name is not case sensitive because DNS ignores case. For example http://www.domain1line.com or HTTP://WWW>DOMAIN1LINE.com both are accepted and both address indicate same address. If we write in address box of a web browser http:www.domain1line.com it will show a page. The same page will be shown if we write WWW.DOMAIN1LINE.COM. The port no. is given as decimal number but it is not important to provide the port no. with address or uri. For example  http://www.shops.com:5800 which connects to port 5800. Short url is more important than long one.

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