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Buy domian name or url from this domain selling site domainsonline.blogspot.com

Buy domian name or url from this domain selling site domainsonline.blogspot.com

Buy domain name or url for making online based business site.

I am a domain seller and I have few domains for selling. All domains or url contain strong keyword. To buy domain name from me you can email me. I will transfer the domain name (web address) through godaddy or sedo.

Domain name is very much important for making website and seo (search engine optimization). We know that without proper implication of seo a website can not get high page rank. Actually visitors as well as traffic depends on proper implication seo and page rank. If anybody wants to acquire high page rank and many visitors he must be focused on proper implication search engine optimization techniques. If we divide the total process of seo as 100 percent marks, only domain name selection is considered 25 percent of total 100 percent for search engine optimization. Domain name or url should be related to your main ideas or business plan. For example if you think to make a website for online product selling you should select a domain name or web address related to keyword shops or shopping. It will be very much helpful for acquiring page rank quickly which will increase visitors. And the more the page rank will be increased the more the visitors will be increased. The more the visitors will be increased the more the probability will be increased for selling the product.

Think that you want to make a website for selling product online and you have selected a domain name or url for the website www.education .com . In this case it will not be relevant keyword or domain name for your website. Because search engine will consider your website as a educational content related website. So when you will post a product description in your website search engine will not be identified your product accurately and it will not provide good result for your website. So, you will be failed to acquire page rank and ultimately your visitors will be decreased which will decrease your potential earnings. If search engine send a visitors according to your web address or url visitors will not find any educational content there. So they will leave your page immediately. It will increase bounce rate that will be bad credit for your website. So name is a vital issue for your website. There are many domain seller. You can buy new name from those domain seller. But now a days to get the related domain specially .com domain is very much rare. Most of the domains have already been sold. There are many domain seller who sell new and there are few domain seller who sell old domain. I am a old domain seller. Before selecting a name you must be analyzed keyword and competitors, and local and global monthly visitors, competitors rate.

If your keyword is not strong enough or competitors are huge it will be very difficult to get page rank for your selected name. I have analyzed keywords and selected few keywords which is best for search engine optimization and bought some domains. I want to sell those domains. If you want to buy any url from those you can mail me at m.rafms@gmail.com. You can buy any web address directly or through sedo or godaddy marketplace. The domain will be transferred as soon as possible.
The domains are :
Online shopping related name:

  1. www.shops1line.com
  2. www.shopping1line.com

Online domain business related domain:

  1. www.domain1line.com
  2. www.domains1line.com

It related web address :

  1. www.itschool1line.com
  2. www.itsolution1line.com

Educational web address ;

  1. www.education1line.com

Job related url:

  1. www.work1line.com
To buy domain name email me at m.ramfs@gmail.com. Even you may write on comment box to buy domain name. Provide your offer price with your message to buy domain name.

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