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How to register domain name and the registration process with godaddy

How to register domain name and the registration process with godaddy

Domain registration tips. Buy domain name and register domain any time with godaddy. Tips for domain registration.

How to buy domain name and register through registrar. Domain registration process is very easy with godaddy.

Domain registration is done through online. There are many domain registration organizations. Namecheap, 1&1, Godaddy, hover, dreamhost, name, gandi are few registrars. Godaddy is very popular for domain registration. You can register new domain through godaddy registrar. The registration process is very easy and simple here. At first you need to create an account with godaddy. Then search your desired domain and lookup weather the domain name is available or already owned by someone. If the desired domain name is available you can buy domain name at regular price. If the domain is already sold you are not able to buy the domain name. In this case you can find out weather the domain name is listed or not for selling. If the domain name is listed for selling you are able to buy that domain name. But you have to pay more price than regular price for buying that domain. The price may be few thousands to few millions US Dollar. I know the highest price of a domain which has already been sold at twenty two millions US Dollar. There are many domain resellers. I am also a reseller. Currently I have eight names for selling. These are :

Online shopping website :

  1. www.shops1line.com
  2. www.shopping1line.com

Online domain business website name :

  1. www.domain1line.com
  2. www.domains1line.com

It related website :

  1. www.itschool1line.com
  2. www.itsolution1line.com

Educational website ;

  1. www.education1line.com

Job related website :

  1. www.work1line.com

If you want to buy any domain name from these names you can email me at m.rafms@gmail.com by placing your offer price and email address and desired name. I shall contract with you as soon as possible. If you want you can write message through comment box of this blog site by your offer price, email ID and desired name for buying any name. All resellers analyze the keywords like competitor rate, local and global monthly visitors and other related issues which information are helpful for seo. You already know the importance of seo. Without proper seo a website can not get page rank. And without page rank a website can not get significant visitors. For this purpose keyword analysis is very much important for a website. Before buying a name everybody should analysis keyword for selecting the proper name which will be helpful for seo because name selection is more important among all of the seo activities. If we consider all seo activities as 100 percent marks only name selection contains 25 percent marks. Domain registration is very simple but to get the proper name is not so easy for domain registration. Because already all naming keywords related names have been sold. There are many registrar for completing registration process. All most the process for registration is same for each registrar site. So it is not the matter of worried. You can buy domain name any time by using any registrar site. I am telling you about godaddy because you can register any name through this site easily and you can manage your name from here such as you can add hosting IP or DNS from this site. Even if you want you can transfer web address immediately to other account. So I think it will be good for you to register through this site. Also they help you to buy old name if you prefer that name and if reseller wants to sell.