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How to use godaddy for buying domain name -about godaddy

How to use godaddy for buying domain name - about godaddy

Buy domain name from godaddy. go daddy is the largest market place for domain name selling

buy domain name from godaddy. go daddy also sell godaddy email or godaddy webmail.

Godaddy is a private compan y that do domain business. Godaddy is the largest domain market place from where people can buy domain name. You can buy domain name which is available and completely new at low price or normal price. Even you can buy domain name which has already been registered by someone or which domain has present owner. There are many domain sellers who want to sell their registered domain name through godaddy. Godaddy helps to sell their domain name and provide opportunity to add domain name in list for selling purpose. When someone sells the domain name through godaddy they pay commissions for selling successfully. If you want to buy domain name which has already an owner you have to pay more price than normal price. Because old domain name is sold more than normal price.

If you want to buy domain name which has already been sold and has it owner present you need to pay fe thousands to few millions US Dollar. I know the highest price of a domain name which has already been sold at twenty two millions US Dollar. There are another popular market place for selling old name that is known as sedo marketplace. Basically old name is sold through sedo. But both new and old domain names are sold through go daddy. The commission for selling old name is ten percent to thirty percent which is provided by sellers. There are few sites which provide the opportunity to sell old name and earn huge commission from both buyers and sellers. Go daddy and sedo are most popular among those sites or organizations. The full address of go daddy is www.godaddy.com or godaddy.com and the full address of sedo is www.sedo.com. For buying or selling a name you need to create account in godaddy.com or sedo. I am also a domain reseller. The person who sells old name is called reseller. I have account in both godaddy.com and sedo. Currently I have eight names for selling. The names are :
Online shopping website :

  1. www.shops1line.com
  2. www.shopping1line.com

Online domain business url name :

  1. www.domain1line.com
  2. www.domains1line.com

It related website :

  1. www.itschool1line.com
  2. www.itsolution1line.com

Educational website ;

  1. www.education1line.com

Job related website :

  1. www.work1line.com

If you want to buy any name from me email me at m.rafms@gmail.com. The name will be transferred through godaddy.com or sedo. You can buy it directly or through godaddy.com or sedo. You can message me through comment box of this site by placing your offer price, name which you want to buy and your email address. I will contract with you as soon as possible and the name will be transferred as soon as possible. You can transfer your url name from one account to another account through go daddy immediately. You can manage all of your url names by using this site such as If you want you can add your DNS name or hosting ip through this site and any time you can change hosting information by using this site. It is easy to manage url name through this site. For this reason most of the people like this site. Some people park their url through this site. Go daddy also sell hostin. There are various hosting packages. They have another services godaddy email or godaddy webmail. You can take godaddy email or godaddy webmail service from them. You can exchange messages by using godaddy email or godaddy webmail services.


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