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Tips for choosing domain name for developing seo friendly web site

Tips for choosing domain name for developing seo friendly web site

Tips for choosing domain name and other related infromation about web address or domain

This tutorial will help you to know the tips for choosing domain name which is done by analyzing keywords. Domain name or web address is the most important part for seo thats why web developers spend more time for selecting domain (domains)

Tips for choosing domain name

At present the internet world has become more complicated. That’s why people need to think about seo for developing a website. Without proper utilization of seo a website can not achieve its goal. When seo is applied properly on a webpage as well as website search engine provide more importance on that site and provide high page rank for the website. And we all know the importance of high page rank. When we search a topic through search engine what is happened by search engine. Actually we use search engine normally because we don’t know the exact address for all website. For example we need to know the information of recent world heritage. Do we know the exact web address for this? Almost all of us don’t know the exact web address for this. For this reason we use to find out our desired contents through search engine. In this case search engine will find the information and show the result one after one. Thousands of results even millions of results will be shown by search engine. How the position is determined by the search engine. During searching information search engine provide importance on page rank and seo. High page ranked websites are placed first. And this high page rank is provided by search engine according to the proper utilization of seo. The first important thing for seo is domain name. If we consider 100% for all seo activities and techniques only domain name contains 25 percent of all of the seo techniques.

There are few tips for choosing a domain name. Read these tips for choosing a domain name before buying

  1. Generate Keywords: First of all generate keywords related to products or services. If it is needed ask your friends, family, associates, clients that what words or phrase will they use if they want to search the product or service?
  2. Analyzing keywords: After that you need to analyze the main keywords and related keywords with the main keywords. It is not necessary that the keywords will be nouns only. Keywords may be nouns, adjectives, or adverbs.
  3. Competitors rate : Try to find out the keyword which competitor rate is low. It means how many people have used the keywords. If more people use the keywords then your competitor will be more and it will be difficult to get page rank if competitor rate is higher.
  4. Local and monthly visitors: This means how many visitors visits or search by the keyword. If the visitors are high then there is a great possibility to get huge visitors for the keyword. And if visitors are more the probability for selling products or services will increase.
  5. Finding domain name: After selecting keyword you have to find out domain. To get the domain name available for selling is not so easy. Specially .com domain is rare to get available because .com domains are very popular. You will not get easily a .com domain which is related to your products or services and meaningful. Because almost all meaningful domains have been sold. There are few resellers who sell their domains. But the price of the old domains is higher than normal price. The price may be few thousands to few millions. I know a domain which has already been sold at 2.2 millions USD. I am also a reseller. I have few domains for selling. Those are:

Online shopping related web address :

  1. www.shops1line.com
  2. www.shopping1line.com
Online domain business web address name :

  1. www.domain1line.com
  2. www.domains1line.com
It related web address :

  1. www.itschool1line.com
  2. www.itsolution1line.com

Educational web address ;

  1. www.education1line.com

Job related web address :

  1. www.work1line.com


If you want to buy any of these names you can email me through m.rafms@gmail.com by placing your offer price and your email address and desired name. I will contract with you as soon as possible.

  1. Memorize able: You should select such name which is easily memorized. If the name is not memorized the visitors will not visit again in your website. Most of the times visitors refer to others for a website. If the name is not easily memorized they will not refer the website.
  2. The name should be meaningful. But if your product has a brand name you can use that brand name. But if the brand or organization is not well known you may use meaningful other name for better result
  3. The domain should be between thirteen letters for seo. Although you can select a name up to 67 letters but maximum 13 letters is best for seo.These tips for choosing domain name should be followed before selecting a name.

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