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What is domain name and importace of keywords for selecting domain

What is domain name and importace of keywords for selecting domain

Domain names are online identity for online business. You can get good tld from me. Buy domain name which is selected by analyzing keywords

Buy domain name from me. I sell good domains with .com tld. Domain names are essential for online business. I have few domains for selling.

What is domain:

Every organization has its own identity and Brand name. For example Samsung is a brand name. They have various electronic products such as cell phone, television, computer accessories and many more. When anyone says about Samsung we can recognize it easily because  it is a well known organization in worldwide. In this way domain name is an online identity. When someone says about ebay we can easily identified that it is an online store where products are sold because it is also an well known organization. If someone says yahoo or google we can easily understand that he or she is telling about www.google.com and www.yahoo.com. Domain names work on the internet similar as like as physical address in the physical world. The only difference is that domain names works on online and physical address works in physical world. Suppose we want to go to Mr. X’s house. Mr. X lives in district A of country B. If we know the address of Mr. X we can go to his house directly. But if we don’t know the exact address of Mr. X we have to search his address to reach his house. In this way if we know the exact address of  any website we can visit the website directly by typing the address in the address bar of a browser. But if we don’t know the exact address we have to search through search engine and find out the address. Suppose we want to visit ebay store for buying a product. If we know that the address of ebay store is ebay.com then we can visit directly in ebay store by typing ebay.com in the address bar of a browser. But if we don’t know the exact address of the domain name we have to search through search engine like google or yahoo. And google will find out the address according to domain name and its content.

The most common categories for TLDs.

The most popular category of TLD is .com. It is very demandable. But .gov and .edu are considered as high level TLD then .com. But .com is considered more popular TLD than .gov and .edu TLD. The position of other TLDs such as .org, .net, .biz, .info, .name, .me etc are below .com. Although .gov and .edu are high level TLD .com is more popular than .gov and .edu because of its user frinendly opportunity and interface. There are three parts of a domain name. Such as http://www.domain1line.com. Here http is protocol and www indicates world wide web, domain1line is the domain name and .com is the TLD.

Importance of a domain name:

For making a website we need to buy domain name first. Doamin names are most important. To buy domain name is not important matter but to select a domain is very much important because if you want you can easily buy a domain within few minutes but selection the appropriate domain names is not so easy. You have to spend lots of time for it. At first you have to find out few keywords which is related to your products or services. After that you have to analyze those keywords such as competitor rate, local and global monthly visitors and other related information. You have to analyze related other keywords. In this way you have to select keyword. After selecting keyword or keywords you have to find out domain names. Suppose you want to sell products through online and you have selected keywords shopping1line or shopsonline and you want to buy .com domain. You will not get available these two domains because already these two domains have been sole. Actually most of the good domains have been sold already. If you want to buy domain name (old name) from reseller you have to pay more price than normal price. The price may be few thousands to millions. I know the highest price of a domain which have already been sold at 2.2 million USD. I am also a domains reseller. I have few domains for selling currently. These are :
Online shopping website :

  1. www.shops1line.com
  2. www.shopping1line.com

Online domain business website name :

  1. www.domain1line.com
  2. www.domains1line.com

It related website :

  1. www.itschool1line.com
  2. www.itsolution1line.com

Educational website ;

  1. www.education1line.com

Job related website :

  1. www.work1line.com

If you want to buy any of these domains you can email me through m.rafms@gmail.com by placing your offer price and your email address and desired name. I will contract with you as soon as possible.

Domain name is most important because it is most important for seo and traffic and visitors.

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